Turquoise Sheet

Turquoise Sheet

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What is a NOVFLON Turquoise Slideway / Sheet ?
Novflon Turquoise Slideway is a proprietary formulation of PTFE material impregnated with bronze and friction reducing additives.
What does a Turquoise Slideway do ?
ï‚· Reduces friction and wear
ï‚· Increases accuracy
ï‚· Extends machine life
ï‚· Saves energy
ï‚· Reduces damage caused by mechnical problems
How does a Turquoise SLIDEWAY linear bearing system work ?
By providing self-lubricating, low coefficient of friction linear bearing surface between two metal interfaces, Turquoise is normally attached to the moving surface by a bounding method.
The slideway bearing moves with the work table or tool holder along the steel or cast iron mating of the tool way. The static and dynamic friction of Turquoise is nearly the same on both cast and hardened or soft steel ways.
The advantages of NOVFLON Turquoise Slideway tape bearings in comparison with traditional solution with traditional solutions are:
Mounting. Turquoise Slideway is secured to the metallic guide elements by bonding. The grained rough side of the tape is easily bondable with a conventional 2-pack industrial adhesive
Wear Turquoise Slideway has outstanding wear resistance and is recommended for mating with surface requirement having a Hardness (BHN) surface of 180-220 with a roughness(mm) at Ra<0.6
Stability of Dimensions. Turquoise Slideway will not swell or shrink. Its insert property assures stability of dimensions
Coefficient of friction. Turquoise slideway has the lowest coefficient of friction as compared to other guiding materials. It is self-lubricating with an unlimited shelf life
Contact Pressure. At contact pressure up to 11n/mm2 it is comparable to other guiding materials and additionally has an excellent vibration and damping properties
Planers, milling machines, SPMs, Shapers, horizontal & vertical boring machines, hydraulic & pneumatic power presses, press brakes, all types of grinders, radial drills, automatic screw machines, gear hobbers, gear shapers, multi-spindle automats, broaching machines, CNC machines and machining centre.
Novelty Turquoise is the solution you have been looking for to reduce the effects of friction on your machine tool accuracy. It is applicable both for new designs and while rebuilding guideways
The results conform to the machine tool manufacture re-builders specifications